Stage 3A - Ingénieur informatique - High performance networking

Job ID:  31542
Location:  PARIS (FRA)

Who we are:

Murex is a global fintech leader in trading, risk management and processing solutions for capital markets. Operating from our 19 offices, 2400 Murexians from over 60 different nationalities ensure the development, implementation and support of our platform which is used by banks, asset managers, corporations and utilities, across the world. ​ 


Join Murex and work on the challenges of an industry at the forefront of innovation and thrive in a people-centric environment.   


The team:

The Pricing Orchestrator team manage the calculation chain to price financial product base on specific workflow. 


The main goal of our product is to facilitate the old mode using phones by digitalizing the solution and providing to our client the control over the pricing process by customizing their workflow, moreover we provide control over the pricing process by asking sales and traders approval so they can act on the process proactively. 


Such a system that support multiple actors and it’s really essential for trading activity, it requires to be build on solid basis and opens all kind of technical challenges such as: 

  • High availability. 
  • Resiliency. 
  • Idempotence. 
  • Audit. 
  • Operability. 


What you'll do:

The Price Orchestration is a solution allowing Murex clients to orchestrate price construction and provide accurate quotes to their clients. The solution relies on a distributed framework that share data between nodes in the cluster using the network. To keep the consistency the nodes, communicate a lot using the network, so it considered as a bottleneck for performance improvement. Unfortunately, we can’t reduce the communication message otherwise the system will be inconsistent. The aim of this topic is to explore networking behind distributed systems and more specifically using solutions around user land networking stack to achieve such requirement.  


You will be responsible of the following tasks: 

  • Understand the fallacies of distributed system 
  • Understand solutions around problematic building consistency in distributed system 
  • Research and Implementation on networking stacks 
  • List all solutions to speedup networking between services 
  • Explore one or more of the listed solutions 
  • Proof that the chosen solution has a significant performance gain over a default networking stack. 
  • Knowledge Sharing with the team 


You will be expected to deliver: 

  • A Proof-of-Concept of the solution. 
  • Documentation and bi-weekly presentations on the work. 

Work done will abide by the Quality and Dev practices Standards. 


Who you are:

  • Last year of studies in Computer science / engineering 
  • Good understanding of Java language fundamentals. 
  • Good understanding Networking in general (OSI Layers) 
  • Good understanding of native language (C, C++) 
  • Familiarity with benchmarking tools in Linux specially for networking stack. 
  • Soft skills: Team spirit, Communication, Creativity 


  • Familiarity with Maven or equivalent (Ant, Gradle) is a plus. 
  • Familiarity with Language and Grammar theory is a plus. 
  • Expected to know French (English is a plus) 


Why should you join us:

  • A multicultural community united and passionate 
  • Complex challenges 
  • Continuous training 
  • Glassdoor top ten French employer