Stage 3A - API Management Engineer Internship

Job ID:  31763


Who we are:

Murex is a global fintech leader in trading, risk management and processing solutions for capital markets. Operating from our 18 offices, 2400 Murexians from over 60 different nationalities ensure the development, implementation and support of our platform which is used by banks, asset managers, corporations and utilities, across the world. ​ 


Join Murex and work on the challenges of an industry at the forefront of innovation and thrive in a people-centric environment.   


The team:

“Platform Architecture” team owns the evolution and governance of the architecture of our software. It thus has strong collaboration with the development teams and “Build” teams. 


As part of the platform evolutions, (REST) APIs are becoming an angular stone that requires: 

  1. adequate tooling and dev practices to support API governance 
  2. evolution around development and test practices 
  3. a stronger focus on security testing 


What you'll do:

In this context, your mission will be to improve the organization confidence in its API governance and related development practices: 


  • Ease API Review and API Reuse by improving current CI tool chains and documentation. API Governance must be anchored into the code and rely on tools to get concrete impacts. Our current Jenkins pipeline(s) must be enhanced, to improve the stability of our underlying infrastructure (e.g., enhance docker images build to comply with Corporate Security / Vulnerabilities scans etc.…), to better check respect of our guidelines, to favor API reuse by making APIs searchable, to provide metrics around governance process (along the time). 
  • Improve Gov and reduce operational risks by ensuring implementation is in line with reviewed APIs, given code-first or contract first approach. One of the main challenges is to ensure the implementation stays align with the API specification, at scale in an organization of 500 developers. The goal here is to provide tools, practices, process to reach this goal. 
  • Improve Gov and reduce operational risks by ensuring APIs changes does not break consumers. While the implementation will evolve quickly, APIs are expected to evolve at a slower pace. Yet, evolutions are expected and must be framed to not break consumers. The goal here is to propose tools, practices to detect these breaking changes as soon as possible in the dev cycle. 
  • SecDevOps - API Security as part of our pipeline. Exposing APIs requires proper design and testing practices around security. The goal here is to find, test and integrate tools (e.g. owasp tools like ZAP, LGTM….) in our build pipelines. 
  • This work will be done on concrete and existing APIs and with members of the following teams; 
  • Platform architects (incl. Security) - as gov team and raising the bar around tooling / security  
  • Build Team experts - as being currently owning the CI/CD pipelines 
  • Dev / Architect in development teams - as potential implementers / users 
  • Dev Managers - as it is likely to impact dev practices.   
  • The work will also regularly be demonstrated. 


Who you are:

  • Etudiant en Ecole en dernière année d’école d’ingénieur ou université. 
  • w/ a willingness to focus on APIs and CI/CD landscape and understand the challenges behind 
  • w/ a willingness to work with Docker & related technologies (k8s etc...), Jenkins, OpenAPIs and related tools 
  • Autonomous and w/ abiliy to ask for help 


  • Languages: English or French 


Why should you joins us:

  • A multicultural community united and passionate 
  • Complex challenges 
  • Continuous training 
  • Glassdoor top ten French employer 


Duration: 6 months