STAGE 3A - DEV JAVA - Scan book improvements H/F

Job ID:  39821
Location:  PARIS (FRA)


Murex is a global fintech leader in trading, risk management, and processing solutions for capital markets. Operating from our 19 offices, 2,500 Murexians from over 60 different nationalities ensure the development, implementation, and support of the MX.3 platform which is used by banks, asset managers, corporations and utilities, across the world.

Join Murex and work on the challenges of an industry at the forefront of innovation and thrive in a people-centric environment.
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Team :


The team owns the engine that manages the post trade automated and manual business processes. Those processes are configured by our clients to achieve critical functionalities such as generating payments, issuing official documents, and communicating with external systems in the clients’ ecosystem. This makes the domain an important asset of MX.3 that is used by most of our clients.


You will be part of the team that owns the different components that makes it possible to maintain those processes. You will be working on the business workflow engine, the business rules engine, and the business objects messaging component. You will also be contributing and participating to the connectivity engine that contributes to the communication between MX.3 and external systems.


Missions :


The Data Dictionary ScanBook is a project developed and maintained by CS teams. The purpose of is to analyze the configuration of the MxMLExchange in MxG2000 and provide an Excel report outlining:


  • the worksheet configurations
  • the formulae of the Data Dictionary used in the workflow and their dependencies
  • the document templates.....


However, this project has major pain-points and the internship purpose is to modernize this tool, make it usable on recent MX versions, and support some new features.

  • It is not version controlled
  • It is missing documentation
  • It does not have a clean build system
  • It is not tested
  • It does not work out of the box on recent MX versions
  • It does not support all DB vendors
  • It has missing functionalities


Milestones :


* Adapt the code so that it works with the latest MX version out of the box
* Version the code on stash
* Change the project to a maven project
* upgrade to a recent java version
* document the usage of the product
* add UTs to the code base
* Refactor the code
* Run sonar checks on the codebase
* add new features to the scan book such as
** covering java formulae
** support different DB vendors


Profil :


  • Computer Science or Computer Engineering Student
  • Interested in software engineering and good coding practices
  • Have basic knowledge of Java and OOP
  • Team player and good communication and collaboration skills
  • Fast learner