STAGE 3A - Introduction of the Monitoring Framework in NFR tests H/F

Job ID:  39545
Location:  PARIS (FRA)


Murex is a global fintech leader in trading, risk management, and processing solutions for capital markets. Operating from our 19 offices, 2,500 Murexians from over 60 different nationalities ensure the development, implementation, and support of the MX.3 platform which is used by banks, asset managers, corporations and utilities, across the world.

Join Murex and work on the challenges of an industry at the forefront of innovation and thrive in a people-centric environment.
You’ll be part of one global team where you can learn fast and stay true to yourself.



Context :


As an intern you will get a unique opportunity to integrate the Murex software development factory where you will: 


  • Join a cross functional agile team within the Murex development factory, and apply the Murex standard agile ceremonies (planning, demos, retrospectives)  
  • Be exposed to the full product development life cycle of a market leader software house. 
  • Learn key aspects: 
    • Clean code principles (SOLID, TDD and design patterns) 
    • Software development best practices applied to the Murex code line: continuous integration, automation pipelines, static code analysis, security code analysis. 
    • Agile development frameworks: SCRUM, SAFe 
    • Initiation to market standards tools of application life cycle management mandatory for professional software development 
    • Source code management : GIT 
    • Pipeline and test Automation: Jenkins 
    • Issue tracking : Atlassian Jira 
    • Benchmarks & NFR testing on production critical components 


  • Technologies: 
    • Python 
    • OpenTelemetry 
    • Docker 
  • Side technologies:
    • Visualizers (Grafana, Prometheus, …) 


Missions :


Technical Services, in charge of the platform technical stack, has naturally complex and demanding NFRs as they are used by all the Murex customers. 

Such tests have been built over time by different teams, leveraging various technologies to monitor and assert on performance results. 

This technical diversity is now a complexity that is increasing the cost of building new tests and managing existing ones. 

Moreover, Murex has recently invested in a monitoring framework that can meet those requirements. 


Your mission will be to understand the implementation of the existing NFR tests, determine how to package and deploy the Monitoring Framework, and replace the existing technologies with the Monitoring Framework while ensuring that usability criteria are met.  


Mentored by a team of experts, your responsibilities will be:


  • Package/deploy the monitoring stack in the NFR tests framework
  • Study the different options on how to store the monitoring data in the case of NFR tests with and without assertions
  • Transform the NFR tests framework to gather the NFR metrics from the monitoring stack and serve the benchmark & assertion use cases
  • Implement the extended framework on an existing NFR test
  • Confirm the results, usability with test stakeholders


Profile :


  • 3rd year bachelor or master’s degree in computer science 
  • Familiar with Python language 
  • Interested in technical topics such as performance tests, automation, docker, Instrumentation and performance analysis 
  • Good analytical skills  
  • Good communication and collaboration skills