STAGE 2A - DEV - Designing and Building a Documentation System for the MX.3 Architecture H/F

Job ID:  39883
Location:  PARIS (FRA)


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Context :



Architecture is the "shared understanding of system design" (Martin Fowler). This shared understanding needs to be built, communicated and maintained over the time (as the system evolves constantly).

To do this, we need effective tooling, integrated in the day to day environment and practice of the various stakeholders of the document.

In the context of platform architecture, the number of actors involved is large and heterogenous; from developers to product consultant going through client support, sales department....

Documentation already exists : architecture decision record, open API, guidelines, description of project impact on architecture...but its usage, in write and access mode, does not meet the desired user experience.

Furthermore, the documentation should be "living", linked with the actual implementation and various artefacts maintained, while enabling an efficient reuse to describe the needed and desired evolution.


This internship has two folds. A first fold that focuses on the Information System(s) that will help achieve the desired level of lifecycle management and collaboration for the various architecture documentation artefacts.  A second fold will focus on the architecture documentation contents, explore different types of diagrams, specs and other types of artifacts, and their link with the code to improve the accuracy and maintainability of the various documentations.


Missions :


Based on existing documentations, existing technology landscape and after a collect of requirement and existing pain points from representative stakeholders, select the target technology for the documentation system.

Explore the possibility to link documentation to the existing artefacts and enable its evolution as a product.

Then define the implementation and convergence roadmap and start the incremental delivery.

The solution chosen must cope with the "doc as-code" principle and bring the most of benefits from this practice (e.g. review, extraction of useful information, effective search...).


Profil :


  • Computer Engineering or Computer Science 2Y or last year student.
  • Interested in Architecture and design
  • Knowledgeable in UML, CI, web stack .
  • Knowledge in Java, C++ are highly appreciated
  • Rigorous, autonomous, and capable of working in an agile environment