Technical Consultant (Configuration & Environment Management Analyst)

Job ID:  42373
Location:  MEXICO CITY (MEX)

A CEM consultant is responsible of empowering Murex, SI and client teams to achieve fast, frequent, and reliable delivery, throughout the instance life cycle, by providing and managing MX.3 working environments and configuration framework.


The consultant will also evolve into a technical architect able to design infrastructure & hardware design for Continuous integration (CI/CD) frameworks.


Responsibilities / Main Tasks



     Environment management

  • Performs the environment management operations of the CET
  • Supports, maintains and stabilizes the allocated environments of the CET
  • Monitors and controls hardware allocation and infrastructure cost

      Configuration management

  • Supports, centralizes, packages and delivers the project functional and technical configuration
  • Deploys the project configuration upon request


  • Writes and executes the conversion procedure
  • Ensures good performance of the conversion execution
  • Provides assistance to the customer to run conversion procedure

   Continuous integration

  • Deploys internally the standard Murex tool stack
  • Monitors and controls stability and performance of the CI/CD pipeline
  • Assists and supports the CI/CD tool stack

   Data masking

  • Presents, delivers and supports the data masking tool and configuration to the client

   Data purge

  • Reduces the size of a database to create test and development environments


  • Ensures good collaboration with project team
  • Ensures good collaboration with customer

    Know your instance

  • Collects and archives the key performance indicators related to CEM activity
  • Centralizes customer details
  • Is the point of contact for environment related questions on his/her CET

C    Capitalization

  • Capitalizes on issues not related to a specific client
  • Contributes to product evolution (feedback to product teams, follow-up on defects and issues)


 Educational Background

  • University degree in Computer science, computer engineering or the like


Required Experience (or Plus)

0-4 years of experience in the following fields:

  • Software engineering or related disciplines


Computer Literacy

  • MS Office


  • English

  • Spanish